The African problem is not Israel’s. A billion Africans would be happy to move into Israel, and the government’s policy toward illegal immigrants invites them. About 9,000 Africans have crossed illegally into Israel, with more coming daily. The government announced it would deport them to Egypt, but failed to do so for fear of the Western media. The same media and human rights groups show little concern over the refugees’ treatment in African countries, but Jews are supposed to be nice and welcome the Africans.

Kibbutzim and human rights groups in Israel perpetuate the crime by employing and subsidizing illegal immigrants, who are criminals. Kibbutzim may stop such practice soon as the Africans, incited by leftist activists, demand the minimum wage even though Palestinian illegals work for a fraction of it.

Sensitive Jews send massive amounts of clothes, food, medicine, and even money to African illegals even though many Israeli Jews are in dire need of help. Helping fellow Jews is xenophobic and outdated; aiding African illegals is chic. Tel Aviv municipality is a chic municipality, and so it filled public bomb shelters with Africans instead of sending them back to the road. What if Jews need to use those shelters?

Any welfare program sends ripples of systemic distortion through society. American blacks who receive abundant welfare don’t want to work. Sub-Saharan Africans bred to unmanageable numbers on international welfare and now demand still more of it to survive. Jewish sympathy for the criminals who entered our country illegally produces a similarly far-reaching result: as the news of good treatment by stupid Jews spreads to Africa, more illegals stream into Israel. They are not refugees: even those from Darfur were already relatively safe in Egypt, and most Africans enter Israel illegally for plain economic reasons.

The burden they impose on Israel is disproportional. Though Israel harbors 200,000 migrant laborers, about half of them illegal, they at least have some skills; the Africans don’t. Unlike most other migrants, Africans come in families and breed quickly, imposing considerable costs on the impoverished Jewish health-care system. (Even if it were rich, why should we pay for them?)

The Africans are anything but loyal Jews. Many of them are Christians. They come from countries which lack diplomatic relations with Israel, and so they are indoctrinated with anti-Zionist propaganda. Their culture is as far from Jewish as one can imagine. Israel cannot assimilate Ethiopian “Jews,” and other Africans who don’t even pretend to be Jewish.

Israel is wrong to place the blame on Egypt. Sinai is huge, and Egyptian police there really cannot intercept all the migrants; regular shootings of migrants show that the Egyptians are trying to do their job. It is Israel’s job to guard its border with Egypt. There are many ways to do so. Bedouin can be employed for hunting the infiltrators. Mobile units of Border Police can search for the migrants and deport them on-the-spot, rather than delivering them to prisons or bus stops.

Those who are already in Israel can be deported to Egypt—or better still, to Gaza. The place is full of UNRWA refugee camps, so let them deal with the Africans. If Hamas deports them to Egypt, fine. If not, they are Hamas’ problem.

Darfur and African illegal immigrants to Israel