We speak about the Holocaust, but another holocaust is taking place right before our eyes. The Germans killed six million Jews. A similar number are being slaughtered in America and Europe now through assimilation.

The Holocaust is terrible not because people were killed. Russia lost twenty million people in the war but don’t consider that catastrophic. The German actions amount to Holocaust because they annihilated an entire culture. Eastern European Jewry is no more. The point is not individual deaths but the extermination of a third of the Jews, our culture core. The Holocaust is not about lives but about eliminating Jews as a category. In that sense, assimilation is holocaust. Jews cease to exist.

The perpetrators of the current holocaust are not Germans, Poles, or Ukrainians. They are Jews, or rather self-appointed Jewish leaders. They weed the core values out of Judaism and Jewish nationalism and offer the politically correct notion of “Jewish cultural heritage” instead. Judaism is not heritage! It is a vibrant, practical guide to our daily lives, the reason of Jewish existence at any given moment. Jews respect scores of heroes and wise teachers who blessed us in every generation, but Judaism is not history. Nations come and go, states rise and fall, ideologies go from fashionable to laughable, but the ethics of a just society proclaimed from Sinai remains.

Two thousand years ago, a Jewish reformer proclaimed, “Therefore, do whatever they [scribes and Pharisees] teach you and follow it; but do not do as they do, for they do not practice what they teach.” The Jewish establishment teaches young Jews the historic examples but refuses to apply them to the current situation and leaves a generation of Jews in an existential vacuum. Anti-religious brainwashing in Jewish schools and community centers, pacifist and conformist propaganda, and utilitarian pop-culture make sensible young Jews wonder, why be Jewish? The politically correct assimilated Jewish leaders provide no answer.

The rejection of Judaism often takes a scholastic path. Instead of a head-on refusal of Jewish values, they redefine them to suit the tastes of those who worship the dollar and seek the mob’s approval. Divine service becomes an ethical way of life, and ethics shrink to eating with knives and forks. The prohibition of murder no longer applies to animals, and Jews joyfully murder them during recreational hunting. Charity lost to taxation. Atheists who never explored the depths of the Torah invent “rational” Judaism.

The ongoing holocaust is not only cultural but also genetic. Jews were never a closed nation; multitudes of foreigners joined us throughout the millennia. The influx, however, was sufficiently slow so Jewish people could assimilate the proselytes. Now the rate of intermarriage is shocking. Most non-religious Jews outside of Israel marry Gentiles—and why not, if Judaism is merely ethics? Many Gentiles are perfectly ethical. Assimilation is not wiping out just some Jews. An entire generation of Western Jews is being wiped out before our eyes. Millions of Jewish hereditary lines will be eliminated in a single generation. The spark of Judaism which our people brought through millennia of persecutions, which they did not abandon us at the stake and before the pogrom mob, is dying out. Promoters of cultural equality and interfaith dialogue kill Jews just as the Nazis did.