Jewish PR is schizophrenic. Jewish organizations scream about the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and persecution while Israel brags about her military capabilities. Incessant Jewish wailing doesn’t persuade anti-Semites who approve of the Holocaust or dismiss it by equating it with African tribal wars, but it irritates Gentile friends of Jews. Persecutions don’t easily square with our chosen-ness, and sheepish submission to massacres flies in the face of our professed dignity. Jews, do you care about the German annihilation of the Gypsies? Do you respect the Cambodians who quietly submitted to the Khmer Rouge’s massacres? The best Gentiles know they should pity the Jews; besides the short moments spent looking at horrific photos from the death camps, few of them feel compassion. That’s entirely natural.

Jews cannot simultaneously appeal to historical persecution and persecute the Palestinians. Oh, stop that argument. We do persecute them. All the Israeli welfare paid to Arabs doesn’t atone for the offense of taking their land. It is because of Israel that the Palestinians have lived in refugee camps for generations. True, they would be economically worse off without Israel—but they would be free. Or forget the Arabs: how come those suffering, persecuted Jews break their brothers’ heads in Amona, drag them by their feet from Gush Katif, or tear their nostrils in Ramat Gan?

If Jews perpetually suffer, they should be happy leaving peacefully with Arabs in Israel, even in the 1956 borders and without Jerusalem. Suffering people deserve safety; anything else is superfluous for them. Many Gentiles demand Israeli concessions on borders, Arab refugees, and Jerusalem in good faith. They are genuinely concerned for the Jews’ safety, and push the unwise beings into compromise with Arabs. Muslims are many, the Jews are few. Muslims are aggressive, Jews weak and long-suffering. What position do we expect of well-wishing Gentiles? They ask for concessions in our best interests.

But there is an alternative. The generation of Exodus died in the Holocaust. New Israeli Jews are not perpetually suffering weaklings. Some, as in Hebron, are a truly new type of Jews, others less so, but there is a cultural gap between the Holocaust generation and us. And by the way, Hebron Jews are not really a new type. Theirs is a very old type of Jew, the sort which entered Canaan with Joshua and smote our enemies with good bludgeons and primitive swords. The other type died in the German ovens. We remember the persecutions and hope one day to repay, but we are not a persecuted crowd anymore. Jews are taking the Land of Israel not for safety—we will never feel safe amid the sea of Muslims—but because we own this land, having received it in perpetual heritage from the highest authority.

We don’t need pity and we won’t pity the Arabs who stand in our way.