In Iran, Natanz isn’t the main problem. The peaceful power plant in Bushehr produces 20% plutonium—that is, 20% of its 82-ton payload. Iranians have tested the extraction of plutonium from spent rods. Even if Israel bombs Natanz and somehow deals with underground nuclear facilities deep in the mountains, there’s a fully loaded Bushehr reactor designed by Russians to withstand a direct hit by a conventional Tomahawk missile.

Iran itself is not the biggest problem. The biggest threats to Israel come from Pakistan and North Korea, both irresponsible proliferators. Pakistan is on the verge of an Islamist takeover, and some of its nuclear bombs are reportedly stored in Saudi Arabia. North Korea would sell nukes to any cash bidder regardless of his terrorist affiliation.

Russia is a bigger problem than the Arabs. It has built a plutonium-producing reactor in Bushehr, will build more blocs there, and agreed to build similar quasi-military reactors in Egypt and Venezuela. Anti-aircraft batteries at the Russian Navy base in Tartus cover most of Syria against Israeli strikes.
Talks of Palestinian statehood are outdated: Palestinians already have a state with its president, government, passports, ambassadors, and a small army.

Israel agreed to fund Hamas years ago in order to weaken Arafat. Israel also agreed to fight Hamas. But the Jews don’t agree to talk to Hamas—what nonsense. If you fight it, you talk to it. Israelis close their eyes to the reality that Hamas is the true Palestinian government. Talking to the worthless Fatah doesn’t help—we can get the same results talking to Navajo Indians.

Israel imagines herself in control of Gaza, and so closes its crossings. That is neither sensible nor legal. Israeli control of the crossings is the major legal argument in support of her responsibility for Gaza. Instead, opening the crossings and bombing Gaza as an enemy state in response to any attacks from there is the way to go.

The Israeli war in Gaza stemmed from the self-delusion that the Palestinians might revolt against Hamas. Instead, Hamas claimed victory by virtue of surviving the Israeli assault, and gained popularity among common Arabs in Gaza and abroad for standing up against IDF despite having been abandoned by every Arab government from Cairo to Tehran. The war branded even the Syrian and Iranian governments as “moderates” and “collaborators” for their failure to help Gaza, and greatly promoted Islamic radicals.

Face the reality.

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