Israeli law allows someone with a Jewish great-granddad to have “Jewish” written in his identity papers. Naturally, many Jews don’t accept so wide a definition, and would be loathe to marry an 88 percent Slav. Living in Israel and fighting Arabs in order to marry a practical Slav is somewhat odd. “Jewish” products of instantaneous Reformist conversions (which have been stopped by now) also do not make a welcome marriage prospect. Some Jews have a problem with non-halachic Jews by paternal lineage.

The official documents don’t show the real information that establishes someone’s Jewishness, which is presumably important in the Jewish state. If one wants to live in the Jewish state, he or she naturally wants to marry a Jew rather than someone whom the government’s trickery made into a Jew. The situation is dangerous as there’s no positive way to ascertain the true Jewishness of a prospective spouse. There is a small step from being ready to marry an 88 percent Slav to marrying a 100 percent one.

The Israeli government will continue diluting the Jewish identity, as that is the simplest way to counter the Arab demographic threat: by bringing fake Jews in. A politically correct state may as well drop religion from the ID cards: the inclusion of such information in an official document is indeed abusive by the standards of ethnic-blind democracies. Jews decried similar requirement for Soviet passports, as it somewhat inhibited their attempts to mix into the core population and assimilate.

If Jews wish to remain Jews, there’s no option but to evict the non-Jews.