I’m often asked that surprising question. Perhaps people think I promote hatred which I definitely do not do. Many, perhaps most of my friends are gentiles, many are Arabs. I do have a bigger problem with non-observant Jews than with reasonably Noahide gentiles.

I do suggest some strong measures against the Jews’ enemies which happen now to be Muslim, though a century ago were Christian, and twenty-two centuries ago were gentilized Jews. The measures, however, stem from a rational clash of interests, not from irrational hatred.

It is easy to fish up anti-Gentile pronouncements in the Talmud. Similarly, take a few dozen books by Christian intellectuals, and you will surely find a several hundred anti-semitic remarks. Maimonides seemingly despised gentiles, but as a doctor he cured them.

Keep in mind the rhetorical conventions of the time. Political correctness was unknown until recently, and people competed by stigmatizing their opponents and calling them names. John Chrysostom wrote very hatefully about Jews, yet he apparently had many rabbi friends.

People are often contemptuous of those whose ethics are narrower than theirs. You won’t think too highly of someone eating with only a spoon at a restaurant table nearby while you perform elaborate rites with several changes of forks and knives. Similarly, Jews whose ethics are very elaborate may be less than fond of gentiles. That is nothing like hatred.