Arabs will hate the Jews and riot so long as reasons for hate and rioting exist. And vice versa, the reasons would appear so long as the Arabs continue to hate Israel. Hatred reinforces itself with invented, misinterpreted – or real and correctly interpreted – offenses. Ambitious, evil, unemployed, zealous or any other hotheads would always appear to stir up the crowd. Arabs are a hot crowd. They will riot about excavations on the Temple Mount, Separation Barrier, antiterrorist operations. Arabs will catch on the American Blacks’ strategy, and demand perks and super-equality. Israeli Arabs will dictate their will to the Jews, trample on Jewish institutions, demand personal and municipal subsidies, infrastructure projects in their villages. Arabs used to be Israeli untouchables. They would remain untouchables, but now because the Jews are afraid to touch them. Political correctness of Jews is the ultimate Arab weapon.
After a brief period of proud independence and responsibility, Israeli Jews slip back into the comfortable dhimmiship. In Galut, Jews imbued subservience to their masters. Modern Jews just cannot imagine that they could be masters, that Jews could set the terms to Arab dhimmis in Israel. Jews habitually subordinate themselves – now to primitive Arabs who feel and cunningly exploit Jewish weakness.
Compromise leads to peaceful settlement only when the resources are limited; a piece of cloth could by split. Not so in social relations, where resources are virtually unlimited. After Jews and Arabs compromise on one issue, emboldened Arabs will bring up another issue, thousands more issues. Policy of compromise with determined opponent leads asymptotically to capitulation. After the Jews compromise with Arabs on each imaginable point of Israeli life Arabs could start it all over again. The Jews exert no pressure toward changing the status quo; Jewish government accepted the Temple Mount closed to Jews. Pressure only comes from Arabs. The single vector of force inescapably brings Arabs more concessions: from preservation of Muslim structures on the Temple Mount to Muslim control over the place to banning the Jews from the Temple site.
The solution to Arab rioting is twofold: eliminate its object, Al Aqsa and companion structures, but also its subject, the Arab citizens of Israel. Let them riot in Jordan.