The State of Israel was ostensibly created on their behalf. In pursuit of the ideas they have carried through millennia of persecutions. Yet they despise that state. The haredim.

The people who refused to go into Exile and maintained Jewish presence in the holy places amidst economic and political hardships, saw Israel for what she is: a socialist wolf disguised as the lamb of Jewishness. The Orthodox Jews of Jerusalem sided with the Arabs during the Israeli War of Independence, and for a reason: dhimmi autonomy under Arab control is more Jewish than Bnei Brak under an Israeli overlord. Faithless Jews come and go, inspired by nationalist propaganda or disappointed by endless war and economic failures, but the haredim remain. Arabs, especially religious ones, are more of a neighbor for the haredim than leftist Israelis.

For decades, haredim consistently refused to have anything to do with the recreant state. Humans like others, they eventually succumbed to the bribes of government welfare. Some haredim man the elite troops and work hard in commercial enterprises. Others devote their time to sixteen-hour-a-day studies, preserving the candle of Judaism which the government seeks to crush.

Haredim cannot coexist with a state that hypocritically usurps their values. A few would succumb to modernity, slowly immersing into the secular life and its pleasures. Others would swing into fundamentalist backlash, unnecessarily stressing superficial details like white rather than light-blue shirts, to isolate themselves from less rigorous Jews. Israeli political failures would continue to feed the haredims’ contempt for the apostate state bereft of Judaism. Nationalism as a substitute for religion is similarly objectionable to them.

Haredim underscore the ideological bankruptcy of Israel, forever exposing her false pretenses at Jewishness. Israel, accordingly, will continue to buy out the haredim, incorporate and dissolve them. That would extinguish the Jewish core, however odd; the national spine which cares not about Western admonitions and does not assimilate popular values. Judea would provide an outlet for the haredim and spare atheists the annoying presence of the adherents of Judaism.