Sanctions against the Hamas government . . . I don’t have a polite word to describe them. There were sanctions against Nazi Germany, do you remember? Ostracize a hostile government without destroying it, and you create a perfect incubator for the enemy.

Palestinians are poor. They don’t care about losing their non-existent quality of life. America tried sanctions in Iraq, and got no results. Why repeat the error?

On the contrary, we should shower Hamas with attention. We should pull them out from the isolation. We should dissipate their hatred and ideological bent in the receptions’ martinis – alcohol-free, if that’s how they like it. We should give them money and don’t control spending. We must turn efficient soldiers into the corrupt politicians.

Iranians are dissatisfied with the mullahs, and the Palestinians will be dissatisfied with Hamas. Just don’t offer Hamas a perfect American enemy to explain the internal failures!

There could be no civil war among the Palestinians. Unlike the other Arabs who fight each other incessantly, all Palestinians depend on international welfare, thus on whatever administration that channels it. Skirmishes between militant groups are common, but don’t affect the society. Fatah soldiers don’t care about imagined ideological differences with Hamas; they will join the payroll of any Palestinian government.

A civil war in Palestine won’t solve Israeli problems – enough Palestinians will survive and stay. Very few Arabs remained in Israel after the 1948 war, but they bred fast. Similarly, even if a civil war breaks out between Fatah and Hamas – an almost impossible event – and many Arabs flee, Israel would still have enough hostile Arabs nearby.

Deportation is the only solution. The real “occupied territories” are not in the West Bank, but in Galilee and core Israeli cities where Arabs constitute majority. Like it or not, there is no answer but relocation. How many times Europeans employed it? Greece and Turkey, Germany and Poland live now in relative peace.