The media revel in Hamas’ note to the Qatari foreign minister implying acceptance of Israel. The show is humiliating: should Israel be happy because some Arab Robin Hood recognizes her existence?

The merriment is silly. Hamas will accept Israel “in a way that guarantees rights and major interests of the Palestinian people.” What are those rights? The right of return for millions of descendants of the 1948 Arab refugees. Compensation and reparations (the Hamas fellow is right: politically, Israel lost the war she won militarily). Visa-free travel and work in Israel. Muslim control over the Temple Mount.

What Palestinian interests? Clearly, owning land they consider theirs. And Mashaal leaves no doubts about that, though he proposes liberation “by legitimate means.” Non-violent, you thought? No, legitimate according to sharia: fighting and exterminating the infidel occupants, the Jews.

The Lebanese elected Hezbollah democratically, yet Israel and the West try to differentiate between fighting Hezbollah and the sympathetic population. Israel repeats the error in Palestine. The Arabs democratically elected Hamas whose program of fighting Israel was very clear. A weasel agreement from Hamas is no achievement. The Palestinians hate Israel, don’t accept that the Jews took their land, and will fightm regardless of the paper treaties the Jews delude themselves with.