Neither Hamas nor Hezbullah have realistic agendas for destroying Israel. Except for some minor border rectifications and the muddy Jerusalem issue, they ask only for what the Israeli government gives them anyway. If you’re giving away Sinai, Gaza, Judea, Samaria, don’t sweat the small change.

Suppose Israel pushes Hezbollah out of Lebanon. Then what? The Israeli government is not going to annex territory or solve the demographic problem of an Arab majority in Israel. Suppress Hezbollah, and Israel still gets ridiculously little land, laughable for a state. Israel’s problem is her government, not Hezbollah. In the end, Hezbollah pushes only for changes the Israeli government has already acceded to.

The Israeli army’s advantage is in mobile warfare, in fast and efficient penetrating strikes. Dragging out the fight in Lebanon, with absurdly little destruction given the amount of weapons Israel expends, serves no strategic end. With or without Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, Iran will be there to threaten Israel and arm another group of guerillas. The Lebanese incursion is a hysterical reflex of an Israeli government which has lost the political battle.

Strategic depth of defense is not something otherwordly. Raad missiles in Haifa show that Israel lacks depth of defense. With the current political outlook, destroying Hezbollah will not solve the problem. The Israeli government, indecisive and unwilling to pursue a really Jewish state, will take Hezbollah’s place to push Israelis for ever-widening concessions.