A self-serving moralizing serves badly. A soldier crosses the enemy’s lines at night on a glider, enters the enemy army’s camp, and shoots several enemies before being gunned down himself. A hero? No, a cowardly Palestinian terrorist, according to the Israeli media.
Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s kidnapping of Israeli soldiers during the truce was treacherous, immoral? Young Sharon had similarly kidnapped Jordanian officers to exchange them for Israeli POWs.

Surely a decent human being doesn’t hijack civilian airliners? Israelis did hijack a Syrian passenger jet to get hostages for exchange.

Warriors don’t target civilians, only terrorists do? Then why had Israel bombed civilian enclaves from Port Said to Beirut?

Arab bombers must be mad to commit suicide? Many Israeli soldiers undertook clearly suicidal missions.

Arabs are bad because they kill Jews? Jews have likewise killed Arabs in many wars. Arabs fight to get their land back; Jews fight for that same reason.

All nations at war denigrate their enemies, and accuse them of immorality. It is easier to kill or persecute immoral people than honest and rational ones. If they are honest, perhaps they are also right? That reasoning led to Christian persecution of the Jews. The Church, evolved from Judaism, could not proclaim Judaism wrong. At the same time, Judaism – in the Christian outlook – could not be right. The Church, accordingly, substantially avoided theological dispute with Jews and proclaimed them evil and immoral people. Israel follows a similar approach with the Palestinians.

They are not bad. Palestinian Arabs are somewhat smarter and harder working than any other Arabs except the Egyptians. Of all Arabs, only Palestinians and Egyptians lived in arable lands and developed at least rudimentary work ethics. Palestinians are braver and more warlike than any other Arabs; the Lebanese voted for Hezbollah to obtain security and welfare, but Palestinians voted for Hamas specifically because of its hard-line policy toward Israel. Hamas is refreshingly honest compared to Israeli politicians; it refuses to nominally renounce violence and accept Israel in order to get huge international aid.

Israeli leftists vociferously stamp Palestinians as wicked supporters of the evil Hamas. That’s an easy way out for the intellectual cowards. Otherwise, if the Hamas soldiers are decent and brave on par with Israeli soldiers, then either the Israelis are wrong or the two sides face irreconcilable differences. The Israeli ultra-left accepts that the Jews are wrong; the peaceniks laud Arab guerillas and go after Jewish soldiers. Most leftists refuse to go that far, and assert that it is the wickedness of some Arabs that fans the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Wicked people need to be reproved or punished; they are an exception. The few wicked Arabs of Hamas origin are treated as criminals: jailed or refused aid. No, they won’t reform themselves or betray their voters.

How does one condemn people of demonstrable moral integrity, like the Hamas? By declaring their methods immoral. As if there are moral methods of warfare! As if the Palestinians could have received anything from Israel without violence! The Intifada started the concessions. Foreign powers started pushing Israel to settle with the Palestinians only after the TV screens became soaked with blood. The peace process started only when Arafat made the status quo untenable for the Western guardians of international tranquility.

Terrorism is more moral than war because terrorism is more cost-efficient. Israel was more inclined to make peace with powerful Egypt than with the Palestinian trifle. Logically then, the Palestinians needed to fight harder than the Egyptians to reach an acceptable peace with Israel. The Palestinians, however, killed half the number of Jews that Egypt has killed. The Palestinians killed “only” about 1,500 Jews to get a state of their own; the Jews have killed many more Arabs to establish Israel. The Jews have rejected a Palestinian state with no less vigor than the Arabs have rejected Israel. Palestinian terrorism is a relatively low-casualty means to a political end. The Israeli government condemns Palestinian terrorism for the same reason the Palestinians condemn Israeli air strikes: both condemn the weapons they cannot counter.

The moralizing has backfired. The Arabs remain immune to Israeli philippics. The West, used to the daily violence in Iraq, treats terrorism as a given, not as a something unusually evil. The virus of moralizing infected its inventor, Israel. Now the leftists accuse the Israeli army of terrorist tactics in Gaza and Lebanon, sue the Israeli police for indiscriminate killing of likely insurgents, and demand better conditions for jailed terrorists.

The Palestinians are good people who will fight Israel until she utterly destroys them and expels the remnants.