Those who speak of the nice Torah law would do well to understand that our religious law is tailored for Bedouin tribes: ruthless, efficient, and sort of honorable.

Many of the ancient Hebrews were Bedouin, or else what were they doing for forty years in the Sinai? Not all of them, as their continuous whining suggests, and also Moses’ plea for the Midians to stay in their midst and show the way in the Sinai steppe (Numbers 10:31).

Nomadic Bedouin cannot maintain jails. Their only punishments for crime—theirs and the Torah’s—are execution, flagellation, and fine.

Abraham’s famed hospitality would be typically Bedouin. This hospitality even extends to enemies, as evidenced by the commandment to help one’s enemy to unburden his fallen donkey. The blood covenant that Abraham conducted with the Canaanites parallels the modern Jewish agreement with the al Heib tribe. God punished Abraham for making a covenant with the natives when his descendants had to expel them.

One paramount Bedouin obligation, that of protecting the clan females’ honor at all costs, surfaces in Simeon and Levi’s raid on Schem. Like Bedouin, the brothers were not concerned specifically with Dinah’s loss of virginity, but with the vague spiritual dishonor of the Schemite holding her hostage.
Bedouin practice “an eye for an eye” at least in vendetta.
Like Jews, Bedouins practice charity tithe.

Ruthless toward enemies, forthcoming to decent compatriots, without a tint of loyalty or moralism, Bedouins are in some ways a model for modern Jews. The political hype surrounding them is unwarranted. Just about two hundred Bedouins enlist into IDF each year. The volunteers come mostly from the north, feel no bond whatsoever with the Arabs in the south, and historically detest the settled Arabs whose villages they pillaged. Muslim Arabs who fight with Jews against other Muslim Arabs, Bedouins are evidently not the most loyal people around. They side with the strong Jews, but would readily abandon us if we were weak.
Israel forcibly resettles Bedouins into towns because their nomadic life takes large tracts of land. But settled Bedouins are no different from other Arabs. Such a Bedouin is no longer hostile to his settled compatriots, but along with them he is hostile to Jews. The Bedouins are learning the notion of their own land, an idea which was very vague during their nomadic period, and hate the Jews who took that land from them. Settled Bedouins are worthless pathfinders for the army. Israel loves to create problems for herself.

Good Jews were Bedouin. Jewish Bedouin. Bedouin Jews