As the Shoah commemoration day draws near, Israeli TV started seasonal broadcasting of the Holocaust horrors. The real lessons are ignored, as usual.

Thousands of Jews marched to annihilation scarcely guarded by hapless German police and ever-drunk Ukrainians. The Diaspora Jews lost not only pride and common sense, but the will to live. Jewish establishment is bent on presenting the Jews as victims and does not allow the ugly side out: we allowed ourselves to be slaughtered like sheep, not killed like humans. Israeli establishment doesn’t want the Jews who stand tall unto the death, but needs more sheep to join the victims of the peace process.

World indifferently watched extermination of Jews, whether by Germany or by Arabs in 1948 and 1967. Help is not forthcoming about the Iranian or Pakistani nuclear weapons. Civilized countries would add nuclear annihilation of Tel Aviv in their schools’ history lessons. The same world that bends over backwards about the Blacks in jerkwater Darfur, pushes Israel to accept Arab state 14 miles from Tel Aviv.

The Jews don’t care of other Jews. American Jews parties when European Jews died in gas chambers. Israeli Jews party when Jews are dying in Sderot from the Palestinian rockets. The question, what could I do? is irrelevant. Every Jew should do everything in his or her power to stop the Israeli mass suicide of creating a Palestinian state, including demonstrations, clashes with the police, and giving money to settlers. We should do our part, and leave it to the Almighty to do his.

good Jews don't rush to die