The speed of technological advances ensures that civilization cannot continue as before. The population is becoming increasingly old, but the changes—a young’s domain—are more rapid. Welfare states have proven that people don’t need to work for living—even a thirty-five-hour working week is enough to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. Industrial automation will decrease the human labor input still further. Advanced economies push their populations into the low-end service areas, which are prone to automation; ATMs have replaced scores of bank clerks, and Internet booking has left travel agents unemployed.

In a short time, the majority of humans might become unnecessary in labor terms, and permanently unemployed. Huge numbers of human beings in Africa lack any prospect of employment: the world’s economy just doesn’t need so many working hands. A third of the world’s population in China and India will never share in the technological booms of their advanced areas. Russia stands ever-ready to invade someone or stir trouble in someone else’s backyard. Russians and Arabs are critically vulnerable to oil demand. Major breakthroughs in nuclear energy, electric cars, and heating, as well as stricter emissions controls, can send hyper-inflated oil prices into free fall, and leave half a billion Russians and Arabs on the verge of starvation.

Muslims swarm European cities, undoing the Reconquista. America might soon be the only Western country left without a huge proportion of Muslims. Israel, full of Muslims and Jewish defeatists, may become the proving ground for Ezekiel’s saying, “Man’s sword will be against his brother”; the cabbalistic War of Jacob. The Arab-Russian alliance closely resembles the war of Magog, in which the utmost northern kingdom (and Russia is currently a kingdom) joins the traditional enemies of Israel.

In Ezekiel, God promises to rain fire and brimstone on Magog, and by now we know what the prophet means. In the words of Mahabharata, “A column of smoke and flame as bright as a thousand suns.” God gave us close to two hundred such weapons.

Every weapon in human history was used to the fullest possible extent. Many nations will obtain nuclear weapons soon; the technology is out in the wild. Everyone’s self-restraint in using them would be incredible. Israel, specifically the Judea area, is the only place on earth safe from nuclear weapons: no Muslim terrorist, Islamic state, or Christian enemy of Israel would detonate a nuclear device near the holy city.

Gog, Magog, and Arabs