It is my long-standing policy to not criticize any politician who is right-of-the-center. For most time, I even refrain from laughing out Lieberman, except when he tries to russify the Jewish state. There are many points on which I disagree with Moshe Feiglin – but he has an incredible advantage of doing something. That’s very rare on the right street, preoccupied with petty ambitions and self-righteousness. Feiglin is not great thinker or artful politician – but he is the best candidate the right has now: more mainstream and votable than Baruch Marzel, more of a leader than Ariel Eldad, and indefinitely more honest than Netanyahu.

Could Feiglin succeed in swarming Likud with his followers? Reservations on that point are justifiable, but the idea is worth trying. Considering the low turnout of only 40% at previous Likud primaries, Feiglin’s plan could succeed. Netanyahu is no option for conservatives: after the Rabin’s execution, he campaigned on the platform of repealing the Oslo agreements, but then followed through with them. Feiglin might or might not succeed, but honest Jews should help him: join Likud and vote for Feiglin. The attempt costs below 100 shekels in Likud membership fees and don’t oblige you to vote for Likud if headed by Netanyahu.

support Moshe Feiglin in Likud primaries