General James Jones, Obama’s choice for National Security Adviser, again revealed his staggering ignorance. The general might be an authority in conventional warfare—though it is unlikely, given his mere few months of battlefield experience in Vietnam. General Jones is pushing his hallmark solution for the West Bank: IDF moves out and NATO troops move in. The proposal reveals Gen. Jones’ complete ignorance of anti-terrorist warfare.

General Jones shoots Israel

IDF is the only army in the world which has curbed terrorism: from near-war levels in 2000-2003 to near-absence today. The success is due to two factors: extremely exhaustive intelligence and freedom of operations. IDF runs tens of thousands of Arab agents, from taxi drivers to the Ramallah government figures who squeak on terrorist attempts in progress. Some work for money, others are blackmailed and threatened. IDF’s Arab Police unit does things which make Guantanamo look like a kindergarten. No Palestinian, commoner or official, is immune from Jewish teenagers in the Arab Police squad. That might not be nice, but Jewish bodies blown up in terrorist acts are far worse.

Unlike the IDF, NATO troops don’t know the art of vast intelligence networks; they don’t even have a reasonable number of Arab interpreters. There is no way NATO soldiers would hang a Palestinian official by his [not his neck] to force information from him. They will not blackmail Palestinians in terrorist-ridden villages with eviction of their relatives from Israel. They won’t risk their lives every night in inconspicuous, mostly unreported raids on bomb labs. Besides all the training and operational issues, NATO troops just have no incentive to engage in such activities.

US troops, NATO’s best, cannot curb terrorism in Iraq despite massive presence on the ground and serious collaboration by the Iraqis. Whatever calm was there for a few months is mostly attributable to Sadr’s decision to calm down to allow the US an honorable withdrawal. There might have been a US-Iranian arrangement to curb Shiite terrorism in Iraq in return for the US limiting itself to worthless sanctions against Iran and opposing an Israeli strike. US troops have failed at  anti-terrorist warfare in Lebanon, Somalia, Vietnam, and other places. There is no chance of them securing the West Bank against Palestinian terrorism.

NATO troops are no different from the UN peacekeepers who failed miserably in Sinai in 1967 and fail now in Lebanon. Under UNIFIL’s nose, Hezbollah has increased its rocket arsenals fourfold since the 2006 ceasefire. UNIFIL’s Italian contingent concluded a separate ceasefire with Hezbollah, which won’t attack their installations while the peacekeepers turn a blind eye to weapons smuggling.

General Jones wants to sweeten the pill of forcing Israel’s withdrawal from the ancient Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria with the fake security offered by NATO troops. In 1956, Eisenhower lured Israel into withdrawal from Sinai by promising to keep the Tiran Straits open; when Egypt closed them in 1967, the only thing the US did was to push Israel to refrain from preemption. IDF learned the lesson and vociferously protested the NATO deployment.

Jewish ultra-leftist Martin Indyk, ignorant and arrogant as always, has a suggestion of his own: a US nuclear guarantee to Israel. According to his plan, the US will promise to nuke Iran if it nukes Israel. That would be quite a post-mortem comfort for the fried Jews. Iran lost millions of its people in the war with Iraq, which was certainly less important to the mullahs than the annihilation of the Zionist entity; US reprisal is therefore not a great threat. The threat of reprisal is not credible: if the US objects to a mere attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities now, what’s the probability of America nuking Iran’s population centers? Minus one hundred percent, to be exact. Indyk’s plan is another sweet pill for Israel: this one, to accept the American ban on attacking Iran. Incredibly, Jews believe that Indyk is pro-Israeli.

With friends like these ones, who needs enemies?