Israeli schools deliberately reduce the study of history, even of Zionist history. People conversant with history can see the absurdity of the peace process, where a treaty is expected to lead to peace, not vice versa. Jewish education was always, so to speak, “analog,” but now becomes black-and-white digital. By studying Talmud, Jews learned to deal with complex, multi-faceted problems, where one law is often influenced by a dozen other laws. Jews who studied rabbinical discussions in the Talmud knew that even venerable authorities are often mistaken, that their views should be questioned. Jews who studied Talmud were characteristically wise, thinking individuals; they embraced the complexity of events and came up with ingenious solutions. Their children who entered the secular world routinely outperformed the Gentiles.

Today’s rationalist Israeli education is very different. Rationalism and formal sciences both denigrate traditional authorities and make the current – ostensibly “rational” – authorities seem infallible. It’s like in mathematics: democracy (not Judaism) is axiomatic, the government is elected democratically, therefor the government is right. Peace (not Judaism) is good, a peace treaty formalizes peace, therefor go for peace treaties at any cost. A rationalist education prepares minds for a single, formally deducible solution, while in the real world the solutions are many, discovered only by trial and error. In the chess-like rationalist worldview, rational negotiators weigh each other’s chances and agree to mutually acceptable, peaceful solutions; in the real world, groups fight against all odds – and often win.

Today’s Israeli educational system does not promote the Hellenic freedom of thought, but deliberately expunges Judaism and the skills of complex analysis in favor of a communist-style, primitive rationalism.

The Israeli educational attempt to imbue children with patriotism but without Judaism unavoidably results in jingoism. When Judaism is a superstition, Jewish tradition is an antique oddity, traditional Jews are bizarre, all people are equal, and Arabs are good neighbors – what can feed Jewish patriotism? Only the cult of force. Nationalism and patriotism flourish either on a strong national idea or on a strong national hatred. Russian nationalism is about “Slavic soul,” American – about spreading liberalism (now mistaken for democracy), French – about cultural superiority. The Russians are certain of the Americans’ moral inferiority, the Americans consider Russians political barbarians, the French treat other nations as mentally challenged; nationalism is incompatible with tolerance and equality. “Different but equal” is a speculative, incredible construct. What can one be proud of, if all people are equal? Whatever your achievements, sub-Saharan Blacks are your equals. If religion is a superstitious human invention, then Jews should be ashamed of their religion; Christians developed a more popular religion. The bestseller is the best book; the most widely accepted religion is the best religion. Brainwashed Jews find it easier to marry a Christian than a religious Jew.

The leftist education seeds schizophrenia. If Judaism is null and void, then Jews have no right to this land. They are oppressors. The Palestinians are right to fight them. “Yet,” says the leftist educational system to the Israeli student, “you must finish school and bravely go to fight the Palestinians.” How so? The only resolution to that contradiction is that the Palestinians, whether they are right or not about the land, are scum and deserve to be oppressed and killed. Religious Jews co-existed with Arabs for centuries in an atmosphere of mutual respect; the secular Israeli education has created a hateful disdain toward the Palestinians.

Arabs are our peace partners. One doesn’t partner with murderers. The Arabs, therefore, are somewhat right. The Jews, therefore, are somewhat wrong. Now go serve in the IDF killing the right Arabs; how does that twist one’s mentality? Schoolchildren don’t know that the concept of a “peace process” is an Israeli invention, patent pending. Other nations achieved peace by crushing their enemies, not by talking them into blackout.

If Judaism is a superstition, then why hold on to Hebron, Judea, or Jerusalem? Give Arabs what those righteous victims want, withdraw behind the Green Line, and only kill them when they attack “our” Israel. But young Jews ask themselves the next question: why bother defending “our” Israel? Why not just move to Toronto? If there is no Judaism, then Canada is as much “our” country as Israel. In Canada, a Jew faces Canadians; in Israel – Arabs. Sensible Jews opt for Canada.

Zionists never managed to formulate an ideology. For them, Israel was a safe place for Jews; Canada, too. For them, Israel was a place which does not restrict Jews in employment and ownership issues; today, no Christian country does. For them, Israel was a state of Jews; not anymore, when Arabs constitute 34% of the younger population. Early Zionists wanted a Jewish state simply because they were not all that secular; the vehemently atheist kibbutzniks nostalgically remembered Sabbath diners with their grandma. The second generation lacked that patriarchal experience but was imbued with ideological inertia; later in their years, many second-generation kibbutzniks turned into ultra-left defeatists. The third generation knew a single dimension of Jewishness: hate toward Arabs and disdain toward Moroccans.

People build states because they want to be different from others and cannot tolerate others’ ways. Tolerance and equality blur borders. A Jewish state can only exist by presuming that people are not equal – and that Jews are more important than others, specifically that Jewish lives are more important than Arab lives just like the European settlers in America put their lives above the aborigines’. The only conceivable reason for such inequality, in the Israeli case, is Judaism – yet the educational system erodes Jewish statehood by carping at Judaism. Inequality dictates intolerance to those who demand equality – gays, Arabs, and leftists. Intolerance guards our cherished values.

If, indeed, any values exist.

from Zionism to anti-Semitism