Providing education for the children of illegal immigrants is akin to allowing a bank robber to bequeath stolen money to his children because they did not participate in his robberies. Children of immigrants might not be criminals like their parents, but neither should they benefit from their parents’ crime.

Immigrants come here because generations of law-abiding taxpayers have built public facilities, from roads to universities to welfare funds. They built them for their children and compatriots, not for Kenyans. The problem arose strictly because of government intervention in such matters as welfare and minimum wage: In a fully privatized, free society poor immigrants wouldn’t be able to survive for a week if housing and public appearance standards were enforced.

from welfare to political defeat in Israel

Citizenship is a profitable franchise which must be sold by the government. Existing citizens who wish to emigrate must be able to sell their citizenship. Illegals immigrants commit theft by claiming residence or citizenship benefits which do not belong to them. Governments do not like to set up a market for citizenship because it would remove arbitrariness from the immigration process. Citizenship and residence are among the most important, defining rights in nation-states, and ruling elites are not about ceding them to market forces.

The government not only refuses to charge immigrants the high cost of a citizenship franchise, but also forces local entrepreneurs to pay them minimum wage. In case of illegal immigrants, minimum wage is a tax on law-abiding citizens for the benefit of criminals. Astonishingly, many people support minimum wage laws. They do not realize that it is the largest tax they pay, and dishonest at that: rather than ask clearly whether efficient workers are willing to massively subsidize their inefficient peers, governments opt for hidden redistribution through overpriced consumption. Sovereign governments have a right to impose any tax on their subjects, but they do not have a right to deceive them.

Minimum wage laws and social welfare produce massive political repercussions. Though latent unemployment runs at double-digit percent, the economy needs foreign workers. Some of them come illegally, some stay illegally, many become permanent residents and eventually change the society’s face—literally. Government subsidizes local spongers while consumers subsidize foreigners who are allowed to work here at artificially high wages. Society thus loses on both ends. If the minimum wage paid to local workers is a huge and deceitful redistribution, minimum wage requirement for foreign workers tests the limits of common sense. What possible ethical reason is there for a society to pay foreign labor migrants more than the least they would accept? Billions of people live in countries with $30-a-month wages; why should we pay laborers here fifty times more? They would accept $200 per month with gratitude if employers provided them with food and minimal housing. They have no meaningful medical facilities in their countries; why give them health insurance in our country? They are neither born here nor transported here forcibly. We set the terms, and out of billions of people out there a few hundred thousand will always be ready to accept them. Working in our country is a huge economic privilege for them, and there is no reason to effectively tax local consumers for their benefit. On the contrary, it is a government’s obligation to seek the best terms for its citizens rather than for anyone else. The government must work to bring migrant laborers here on the best possible terms, for the lowest possible pay.

A society without long-term welfare benefits would require far fewer foreign workers. The government has already brought here a hundred thousand able-bodied Ethiopians and closed its eyes to the infiltration of another twenty to forty thousands working-age Africans. They are so unskilled that in economic terms they stand below Thai workers. Absent the government benefits which allow them to stay perpetually unemployed, the Africans would take the lowly agricultural jobs. Somewhat more skilled construction jobs should go to the unemployed Jews of the development towns, who likewise must lose the welfare sustenance. It is a crime in Judaism to rely on community support if one can feed oneself.

The idea of society subsidizing immigrants is bizarre. Citizenship is a valuable franchise, and immigrants must pay for the right to enter the country. It can be either a fixed fee or higher taxation, but some payment must be there because the immigrants receive important goods from the society: safety, infrastructure, social services, and the ability to earn higher wages than in their home countries. Citizens enjoy those facilities by the virtue of inheritance: they were paid for with their parents’ taxes. Immigrants leech off the previous generations’ taxes. Even the United States generally bars immigrants who are likely to become a burden on the society within the first four years. Much less Israel should admit the immigrants who drain our resources from the day one.

Nation states turned themselves into their societies’ reason for existence. Instead of states servicing their societies, societies serve national ideology. States thus resist inequality of their residents: for the state, they are all equal because they are equally obliged to the state, they are similar pawns regardless of their origin. No. Immigrants must prove themselves feasible to existing citizens who own the country. No benefits should be provided to immigrants, but in line with the Torah, “tribute and servitude” must be charged them.

Far from implicitly subsidizing foreign workers, the government must charge for the privilege of working here. All migrant visas must be auctioned off.

Not a single work visa must be issued to our Palestinian enemies. It is a political objective of the utmost importance to force their emigration from Judea and Samaria. Some 400 to 600 thousand Palestinians work in Israel. Practically the entire West Bank Arab population relies on Israel for income in some way. When Israel refused jobs to Gazans, that pitiful territory slipped into the Bronze Age within two years. Not a single Palestinian worker must be allowed here. Hiring them is high treason, as it allows them to stay in Judea and Samaria. lacking a job here, their working-age population would start leaving in droves and depopulate the area within a generation or two.

Welfare economics leads to defeatist politics.