Historically, many cultures tolerated homosexuality, but many had also tolerated excessive drinking, violent conquests, or communism. Acceptance of a behavioral trait doesn’t prove its morality. Societies are often intolerant to alien rather than abominable practices. In the past twenty years, American attitude quickly moved toward acceptance of homosexuality because media made that lifestyle familiar, non-threatening. But the public acceptance of homosexuality sunk after the Massachusetts court mandated gay marriage and therefore posed a threat to societal values. In Judaism, homosexuality threatens ritual purity of the society.

Torah bans gay relations and various improbable modes of female bestiality, but not lesbian relations. The message is clear: any recreational sex is fine, but do not deviate from normal procreation. One of Judaism’s major tenets is sanctity of life, specifically of moral life. Gay relations threaten that tenet on both counts: of life and morality.

It is truism that most people who tolerate homosexuality shrink in horror when their children engage in it. Homosexuals constitute tiny minority. For all the popularity of that decadent lifestyle among mass culture idols who influence uncritical youths, for all the leftist brainwashing of its acceptability, for all the hysteria around the gay parade in Jerusalem, only 4,000 deviants took part in it. Moral rather than sexual perverts made up much of the crowd: unknown numbers of leftists and “human rights” activists came to support the gays against religious Jews. Organizers likely brought in many demonstrators for hire, like the leftists bring to events ranging from Peace Now orgies to European vigils in support of various Islamic causes. (That’s right, if you watch European pro-Islamic demonstrations closely, you’d notice most people are not enthusiastic. They are brought on essentially free trips: bus, hotel, food, and often entertainment paid by organizers).

All societies suppress some deviating minorities. Gays are too few in Israel to care about their wishes.

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