Back in 2001, Arabs killed two Jewish teenagers near the Tekoa settlement. Stoned them. The settlers, a tough crowd, planned revenge. The Israeli police, however, asked them to restrain themselves and promised to bring the Palestinians to justice. Besides the usual saber rattling mass arrests, the Israeli government did nothing. Subsequently, the Arab murderers fled to Jordan.

A few days ago, Arab rocket killed a Jewish woman in Sderot. The Israeli response was painfully familiar: a house destroyed in Gaza. To maintain the appearance of retaliation, the Israeli army chose a house of known high-ranking Hamas member (why wasn’t it destroyed already?). To avoid escalation, the army apparently warned the inhabitants to flee. Or so say the Palestinians. No Arab was killed.

The Israeli army explained the silly endeavor by claiming the house was used to hide Hamas’ cash. Why wasn’t it seized then? Who warned the Hamas and allowed them to flee with the cash?

The Israeli army and police have developed a do-nothing attitude toward Arabs murdering Jews. That sharply contrasts with the sentencing of Jews who kill Arabs in self-defense to long jail terms. Adding insult to injury, Israeli government agencies mislead the victims’ relatives and neighbors with promises of justice.

During the Lebanese war, Olmert declared that a Hezbollah rocket attack against Tel Aviv would cross the red line. The shelling of Haifa, a city of Russian immigrants and blue-collar workers, the Israeli government found tolerable. Neither was the shelling of Sderot, a city of religious and lower-class Jews, a casus belli. Police raids and chaotic incursions in Gaza do not substitute for total war against our Palestinian enemy.

Along with the murdered woman, a young man guarding the house of the treacherous and incompetent Defense Minister Amir Perez lost two legs in Sderot. It possibly makes sense to guard Israeli officials, though exposing them to terrorism like the Israelis they pretend to protect is more just. To guard a house is wrong. Israeli bureaucrats live like pashas. Army officials routinely use recruits for private affairs. Perez is responsible for the two torn out legs of a young Jew.