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Fictional peace through real concessions

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On May 27, 2007 @ 11:16 am In leftism | 5 Comments

Government officials have studied politics. Their professors didn’t want to quit their jobs, and lied. Instead of admitting that politics is a subtle art at best and more likely a fraud, the professors taught politics as a science: do this and you will get that result. Such a lie.

Communist states failed to plan their economies; how much less is it possible to plan entire societies? International relations clash over different societies; how small is the possibility of planning international relations!

Societies are complex adaptive systems, more complicated than the chaos of gas molecules in a test-tube. At most, analysts can try predicting immediate responses: if we issue this statement today, what will that country answer tomorrow? Political geniuses like Richelieu or Bismarck never worked in strides, but by myriad small steps. They literally weaved their plots, acting by imperceptible moves to arrive suddenly at the grand picture of a totally new garment of international order. In the age of pop stars and TV anchors, politicians want Gordian knot solutions; it took Alexander’s will to fight and his non-democratic authority to play the Gordian knot scenario. Still, his empire failed very soon afterwards. Yitzhak Shamir’s policy of very small moves was erroneously taken for a do-nothing attitude.

World politics is not a poker game coldly played on cards and faces. Japan irrationally attacked the US. Germany irrationally violated a peace treaty with the USSR. America irrationally defended Western Europe against the Soviet threat at a great risk to itself. Jews irrationally chose living in Palestine rather than Boston. Palestinians irrationally fight Israel instead of accepting the economic benefits of living alongside a developed Jewish state.

Peace does not come through negotiations. Humanity knows the only kind of peace process – war [1]. No peace is eternal, as the Roman Empire, the Great Britain, and Laos have learned. Dying people are seldom rational. Israel cannot count on the dying Muslim civilization to coldly calculate its best interests. The Arawak Indians, dying under the onslaught of the Western influence, didn’t negotiate with the Spaniards.

Biblical Israel continuously expanded and shrunk, just like every other state. Borders are graphical representation of the balance of power. If a Palestinian state is created, many in Israel will wait to take Judea and Samaria back. Many in Jordan will work to incorporate Palestine into a Greater Jordan, as their king Abdullah suggests. Many discontent youths in Palestine will go on blowing themselves up in Tel Aviv.

If Israel gives away the Golan Heights, Syria will not cease its age-long hostility toward Israel. A peace treaty won’t prevent Syria from sponsoring anti-Israeli terrorist groups, just like Egypt, after the thirty years of peace with Israel, turns blind eye to the Muslim Brotherhood’s cooperation with Hamas.

There is no magic wand to solve the Israel-Muslim conflict. The two parties are inherently hostile. Jews did not relinquish the dream of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, and Muslims didn’t drop the idea of taking Israel off the map. Prosperous Israel is a continuous insult to the hopeless Muslim world. Unavoidably poor Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria will always hate their affluent Jewish neighbor. The stories of the Jews taking Arab lands will be entrenched in the Muslim collective consciousness, waiting for a new Salah ad Din to arise.

Stop hoping for eternal peace. Instead, concentrate on immediate measures. Regarding Palestine, end the Arab presence in Gaza, declare the West Bank settlements permanent, and take Palestinian officials hostage in every mini-crisis, of which there will be many. Welcome Jordanian overtures of a Jordan-West Bank confederacy. When the Jordanian monarchy fails or the country is invaded from Iraq, Israel could re-occupy the West Bank and expel its Arab residents to Jordan. At that time, the West Bank issue will be reduced from Palestinian statehood to an Israel-Jordan border dispute.

Regarding Lebanon, finish it off. There is no country called Lebanon. The place is a piece of Syria. Give Syria north Lebanon, annex the south for Israel, and create a Christian buffer state in between. Let the Muslims hate the Christians in the Middle East, not only the Jews.

Regarding Syria, giving up the Golan Heights in return for a peace treaty makes sense objectively. A return of the formally annexed territories would, however, traumatize the Israeli public mentality and destroy the trust left in the government’s promises. Israel should rather exploit the current Syrian position of international outcast. Let Syria start a war, then occupy Damascus – at no objection of the world, unlike in 1967 and 1973 – change the government, impose demilitarization, sign a peace treaty and withdraw within weeks.

Bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities. As for the other Muslim countries, ignore them.

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