In important aspects, Israeli Arabs are similar to American blacks. For decades, the establishment kept the blacks prominent with its human rights agenda. Political advertising is advertising like any other, and the blacks became popular, fashionable. They proved themselves resilient by coming all the way from being pariahs to supercitizens accorded greater-than-average rights. Mass rallies of moderates, the small-scale but highly publicized terror of the Black Panthers, and the prevalence of street gangs created an image of them as strong. Strong and fashionable—what could be a better attraction for nihilistic white youth? Yet there was more: sex, at which blacks are known to be good.

Blacks controlled drug sales for a while. Eighteenth-century Ukrainians admired and hated the Jews who ran their economy and sold liquor, a contemporary analogue to crack. A recent study done at Haifa University yielded a fantastically important biological discovery: the same hormone is responsible for love and jealousy. Hatred, a product of jealousy, appears only when the object of admiration is weak and generally resistant to one’s overtures. The Ukrainians, thus, turned their admiration of Jews into hatred. But American blacks are strong, their gangs are well-armed, their population is protected by the government, and they are open to newcomers: black males seek sexual relations with white females, and blacks proudly push their subculture, their pop, slang, and dress, from TV screens. An example which is fashionable, strong, and open is irresistible, so white youngsters emulate blacks.

A worryingly similar process is happening with Israeli Arabs. From refugees and defeated natives they have risen to become supercitizens, protected by favorable treatment in the courts, affirmative action in universities, and pro-minority economic policies, but most importantly by very strong anti-Zionist, pro-native sentiment in the Israeli media. Arab food, curses, and music are fashionable among Jews. Arab males are popular among certain segments of Jewish women. The language barrier prevents young Jews from emulating Arabs, but our languages are not so different, and with Arab language being taught in schools, that barrier may dissipate soon. Security concerns have prevented the intermingling of Jews and Arabs, but as the Arab population pushes into Jewish cities, intermingling will become routine. Jewish youth are a short step away from admiring Israeli Arabs. Arabs are proudly nationalist, whereas the post-Zionist Jews who retained their typically Jewish longings for a higher goal are left without religious or nationalist goals. Unsurprisingly, leftist Jews embrace Arab nationalist goals as their own. They copy Arab slang, curses, dress—and finally, their political agenda.