Liberal Jews are inconsistent. They seek to shut up Facebook’s Holocaust deniers but resist the Muslim attempts to shut up those who defame their religion. An affront against God is immeasurably more offensive than against any number of his creatures.

There is nothing wrong about fooling the opponents with false moralizing. The problem starts when Jews believe in their own nonsense.

Holocaust denial is a sensitive matter to Jews – not to anyone else, though. Shutting the deniers is politically expedient – though won’t prevent the next catastrophe of the kind that befall Jews every two centuries or so. As long as we can shut the deniers that is a right thing to do, a way of honoring our murdered brothers and sisters or rather preventing the foul-mouthed anti-Semites from dishonoring their memory.

Nothing in the liberal doctrine, however, provides for silencing Holocaust deniers. When academics and public deliberate over the expediency of Hiroshima nuclear bombing, Dresden firebombing, killing of millions of Vietnamese, and similarly murderous events – why stifle the debate on Holocaust? In terms of the elapsed period, Vietnamese killings are fresher than Holocaust. Imagine the feelings of a Vietnamese who lost his family to bombings when he listens to a learned debate whether the killing was expedient in geopolitical terms. Having been spared from Holocaust by a few years, I can imagine his feelings very well.

There is a right to be offensive. Indeed, there are many things much more offensive than Holocaust denial around here: churches in Jerusalem sporting what they think are images of God on their facades, homosexual parades in the Land of Israel, and Shimon Peres, to name a few. It is disgusting when haters vilify the memory of the six million, but it is also disgusting when other haters vilify Meir Kahane or Yigal Amir. Denying Holocaust purportedly endangers Jews, but denying Judaism in Israeli schools dooms us beyond doubt.

The only way to balance the freedom to offend with the freedom to live unharmed – including morally unharmed – is provided by anarchism. Here come community standards. Moral uniformity is bad, very bad. Neo-Nazis must be allowed unrestricted freedom of speech short only of direct incitement – in their virtual or actual, if any, communities. Homosexuals away from the Land of Israel can parade day and night in their own communities. Israeli Arab towns such as Umm al Fahm must be allowed to ban Jewish right-wingers, doves, homosexuals, and anyone else they don’t want there. Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood should be free to ride segregated-sex buses, ban unmarried women from appearing publicly with men, and burn the books on physics.

And in Hebron, we must be able to proscribe the Peace Now members up to the fourth generation.

the right of Holocaust denial