Few people put ideas ahead of stomach. Many could accept hardships and a certain reduction in living standards, but few would opt for starvation and poverty for their families. Participating in anti-government actions, including non-cooperation, is likely to get people fired from their jobs, especially if the protests take much time. It is critical to develop alternative employment, however marginal in terms of income. Desert agriculture is an obvious venue, but it could not employ tens of thousands of protesters without considerable investment. We need therefore an entity similar to the Jewish National Fund tasked with cultivating desert areas. Low-wage sinecures would be great, but they are impractically costly.

Violence is indispensable for changing Israel’s course and establishing the State of Judea. Many Jews who want a decent state would shrink from violence, especially the mob’s. The only way to incorporate them into the struggle against our treacherous government is to offer a decidedly non-violent alternative: a peaceful resistance movement, preferably based on the existing religious establishment, with a large following and financial backing. That movement would attract much more financing than militants could hope for. The peaceful movement would be seen as a feasible alternative to insurgency. The division between militants and non-cooperators should be much stricter than practiced by the WZO and Irgun before Israel was established. Non-cooperators must be white knights in white gloves, without blemish, reminiscent of Mahatma’s followers. They should preach violence neither toward Israeli traitors nor even toward the Arabs. The agenda of an Arab-free Israel should be domain of militants; the issue cannot be resolved peacefully. The non-cooperators will make a single demand: an autonomous or independent Judea in the areas not significantly populated by secular Jews or Arabs. Meeting the demand requires no violence, allows for a truly Jewish state-like entity, and provides a safety valve for religious feelings. The message is, we want to go, we don’t infringe on anyone’s rights, and you, Israel, want to get rid of us.