American Jewish Committee paltered when accusing “liberal Jews” of sparking anti-Semitism. They are only more honest or silly than the mainstream Jewish establishment. “Liberals” assert that Israel is inherently immoral and have no right to exist. Beyond the rhetoric, AJC and similar outfits adhere to the same approach. AJC supports anti-Israeli causes such as the creation of the Palestinian state in Judea. If Palestinian state has a right to exist in Judea, then the liberals are right: Israel immorally holds the others’ land. If Torah could be read in the pick-and-choose manner of the Reform Movement or ignored, Jews have no right to live in that land. If Judaism is about tolerance rather than the divine service and justice, then dispossessing the Arabs was wrong. The polite anti-Semites from the Jewish establishment are offended when liberals logically develop and vocalize their tacit views.