Western Europe was heavily Islamized for centuries. Nations come and go; Muslims are coming back into Europe. That influx benefits Israel. Superficially, swelling numbers of Muslim voters make European politicians still more anti-Israeli. Given the European anti-Semitism, the animosity to Israel could hardly increase any more. Muslims, swarming the streets of Europe, will alienate the locals and create anti-Muslim sentiment similar to the one felt to Jews, when we were many there. Right-wing backlash in Austria, France, Belgium, and other European democracies reflects popular resentment against the bizarre Muslim immigrants. Leftists who claim peace and calm have engulfed Europe forever after the demonstrated horrors of WWII will be disappointed. The world wars proved that bloodbath works and is basically tolerable – see, the life goes one, whatever they told you in schools about the Western Front slaughter. Europe will lash against the Muslim immigrants. That won’t bring its rapprochement with Israel, but is still welcome.