An enemy’s moves must be answered adequately. When the enemy escalates, Israel must reciprocate. Hezbollah threatens to attack Tel-Aviv, presumably with half-ton warheads. A mere intensification of Israeli bombing in Lebanon would not be a proper response. Israel should also employ qualitatively different weapons, like vacuum bombs, against qualitatively different targets, like Lebanese government buildings.

Concede at last that Iran is waging a proxy war against Israel through Hezbollah. Zelzal-2 and most other Hezbollah missiles are Iranian. Israeli civilian losses are entirely attributable to Iran. The world is sick of nuclear mullahs. When Iran—even through Hezbollah—attacks Israel with WMD like Zelzal, Israeli should retaliate with nuclear weapons against Iranian military facilities.

And stop being ridiculous. Israel need not spare the Iranian embassy in Beirut. Neither Israel and Iran, nor Israel and Lebanon, recognize each other, and diplomatic immunity does not work. Iran showers Israel with missiles and probably hides Nasrallah in its embassy in Lebanon. Flatten the place.