Israel had little business in Lebanon. The invasion won’t solve the problem. Hezbollah does not need a large presence in South Lebanon to carry out attacks. Even if Hezbollah moves away from Israel’s borders, people will be found to transport, hide, and launch missiles. With the Palestinian conflict brewing, defenders of Arab nationalism will continue to show up in scores. The only proper solution is to solve the problem, not its consequences—make the Palestinians Jordanians.

Israel should take South Lebanon for an Israeli security zone. Syria would swallow most of the rest and leave a Christian enclave in between. A Christian state would make another non-Muslim country in the Middle East and draw some of the hatred now centered on Israel.

Israel does not need another failed state at her northern border. Israel must not try to police Lebanon, like the US in Iraq. Islamic militants will subvert any democracy in Lebanon. Israel has two viable options. One is to help the Lebanese government to build a strong police state that suppresses militant minorities. Another is to divide Lebanon with Syria and resettle the Lebanese in the Syrian part. Any other strategy, like it or not, will guarantee a failed state with intermittent guerrilla presence.

Instead of reducing Lebanon to a nomadic country and forcing emigration, we could avoid destroying expensive infrastructure like power stations and major bridges. We could destroy the Middle East Airlines planes evacuated to Jordan. If we are at war, if we are dying, killing, and spending money, at least get something for it.

Iran may have given Hezbollah some of the Zelzal-2 rockets whose only use is to strike deep into Israel. The rockets were originally shipped to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Beka’a. Here is proof beyond a doubt that the Iranian regular army is involved against Israel. What are we waiting for? The Iranian nuclear bomb? It will soon be too late to retaliate against Iran. They are making the bomb now.