Why live in Israel rather than in Australia—besides being unable to obtain a residence permit in Australia? Israel is a Jewish state, while Australia is not. Fine, but what makes Israel Jewish? The state violates even such basic religious precepts as Shabbat, prohibitions of foreign worship and pork, and the positive commandment to build the Temple.

Perhaps Israel is a state where Jews are safe? That’s not congruent with the six or seven wars which Israel has fought in its brief modern history; Australia is empirically much safer for Jews than Israel.

Maybe, Israel is a state of Jews? But of how many Jews? Arabs are already 34 percent among Israel’s youth; add Slavs and Jews-by-grandfather, and Jews are already slated for minority status in Israel within twenty years. If living in a mostly Jewish state is so valuable that it is worth fighting for, then it is surely better to have a Jew-only state, and therefore expel the Arabs. Or, if living in a Jewish state is good, then it is also good to live in Jewish communities, but the Supreme Court struck down the right of Jewish communities to refuse residency to Arabs; wherever Jews go in Israel, they cannot flee Arabs.