So, another three hundred Muslims died in Iraq yesterday. Close to 4,000 in November. Who cares? It is their civil war. Saddam put a lid on sectarian conflicts in the artificial country of Iraq. His rule, harsh and authoritarian, was the only way to quash the fighting. Once the American democratizers removed Saddam, violence re-emerged.

The slaughter is not America’s business. Iraq offended the international community by refusing weapons inspections and was punished accordingly. Now it’s up to Iraq to stop the bloodletting.

A stable Iraq under Saddam’s dictatorship provided certain advantages, but the West should also see benefits in the current situation. Civil war at the center of the Muslim world attracts the lives and money of Islamic radicals and lessens the Islamic threat to the West.

Often, either of opposite policies work, but the middle one doesn’t. The US is now trying the middle policy in Iraq: no strongman, no sectarian violence. That’s impossible. Liberal democratic government is necessarily weak and can’t handle the violence. The current violence, moreover, is not much by Muslim standards: Iraq lost many times more people in the senseless war with Iran.

The US can do nothing about the security situation in Iraq. The army cannot perform police functions. To pretend otherwise discredits the US army and creates an impression of failure, whereas the military part of the Iraqi affair was a success.

In order to quell the violence, the US has to take sides. Stopping the violence in Iraq means establishing shia rule; that group won the elections. Not only is the shia Iran-Iraq axis unprofitable for the US, but sunni Arab countries greatly resent it.

The micromanagement of the Vietnam War from Washington was criticized, but the same thing is happening in Iraq. The US ambassador to Iraq, a sunni Afghan neo-con, is the last person to handle US policy in shia Iraq.

It makes sense to leave political correctness at home on the way to Iraq. One funny example is the US search for its ‘missing soldier’ who happened to be an American Muslim on duty in Iraq, kidnapped while visiting his Iraqi wife. Common sense would tell the commanders to leave Ahmed Al-Taayie in Michigan. Not allowing soldiers to marry locals is another piece of tautological wisdom. At any rate, Ahmed is just another Muslim casualty of the war in Iraq, not worth searching for.