Israeli rulers dwell in security. Other Jews guard them and their families. Astonishingly, the Israeli ruling clique has extended the same kind of immunity to their Arab colleagues. Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier and shelled Israeli towns. The Israeli government responded by killing Palestinian civilians and low-to-mid-level Hamas members. Many Hamas leaders openly live in Gaza. Why not kill them first, starting with the Hamas spokesmen?

Israel got a lesson when Hezbollah retaliated for the killing of Musawi, its previous leader, by bombing Jewish civilian targets abroad with significant casualties. The killing of Musawi was futile, because his successor Nasrallah proved no better for Israel. It is better to proclaim immunity for the top leader and target other top members of militant groups. The leader will be secure and everyone else endangered, and that will discredit him considerably.

The proper way to get the missing soldier back and to stop the shelling is well known: take hostages. Young Israel successfully did that on several occasions, even hijacked an enemy’s civil airliner. Round up the entire Palestinian parliament and the ministers, and let them wait in an Israeli jail until the soldier is returned.