Krupp was also a great company, no less than DP World. Sure, DP is good, very good. Claims (oddly, ZIM’s, too) of DP’s excellent record in security are exaggerated: DP doesn’t screen cargo seriously, nor could anyone, really, given the traffic in the Port of Dubai.

Incidentally, no one sees any problems with DP’s security or, more likely, says anything about them. A lot of goods are smuggled through DP, and I very, very much doubt that trafficking weapons is any problem.

It’s DP’s goal to shorten the time from arrival to delivery to the customer. There is just no time for a security check. That, again, is not a disadvantage only with DP but is normal in the port business.

Why DP, anyway? The company is not really managed by Emirate Arabs but by foreigners. Hire them. Double their salaries.

The real reason behind the deal, of course, is Bush’s corporate interest. the same interest that got the US stuck with the Saudis. There is something very fishy about US dealings with the UAE; recall the sale of some of the best American planes to the UAE, all with a friend-or-foe software code that lets Arabs target US and Israeli planes.

The American government hints that the deal somehow pays for UAE support against counterterrorism. Which is just ludicrous. The UAE sponsors terrorists, Islamist quasi-charities operate there, and the country is virulently anti-Israeli. The UAE is not very supportive of the US in the Middle East.

Anyway, the UAE is hostile, the deal is not critical to the US, so why bother? Hire Singaporeans, if anyone; don’t take chances.