[The Bakers Commission hints that the US government would welcome Syrian and Iranian involvement in ending the civil war in Iraq.]

Bush wants others to do the impossible: pacify Iraq. He refuses to pay for the job: Iran asks for a nuclear program, and Syria for the Golan Heights. Even if Muslims were honest and straightforward politicians (an oxymoron), Bush’s trickery would have prompted them to cheat.

Syria has already offered much more than it can deliver: to help curb Iraqi violence. Syria can lessen the flow of guerrillas and weapons across its border with Iraq, nothing more. In return, Syria will turn from a terrorist state into peacekeeper.
Iran welcomes its new role as regional peacemaker, a great achievement in its quest for regional dominance while positioning itself as a peaceloving nuclear power. Iran doesn’t need peace in Iraq: a stable government there would be a check on Iranian expansion. Smart and cynical, Iran appointed a Kurd negotiator. On one hand, the Kurd is not part of the sectarian struggle in Iraq. On the other, a despised and hostile Kurd is unacceptable to both sunni and shia and assure that the negotiations continue perpetually.

Bush plays with the devil and hopes to win. Nope.