Many readers accuse me of not valuing life. That’s a meaningless over-generalization. Humans respect animal life but kill animals to eat and survive. Societies respect human lives but execute criminals to discourage others. Societies endanger their members’ lives in myriad occupations from firefighting to defense. Car and even horse traffic endangers lives in order to better them. Life lacks absolute value. In the Jewish system of values, life comes in a close third after divine service (ethics, if you will) and societal welfare; other societies rank life similarly.

People risk their lives in revolt instead of submitting to tyrants, and sometimes accept suicidal missions in the name of society, ideology, or religion. People commit suicide when they are unable to bear guilt or dishonor. Human life is a term too general to rank. Comfortable life is obviously more valuable than uncomfortable life, thus comfort—including moral comfort—is worth lives to a degree.
The Jewish community, from which Arabs and leftism will be expunged, will be very comfortable. Its decent size, its secure borders, and its religious and ideological fulfillment will make it even more pleasant. Those things are worth lives. They are certainly worth our enemies’ lives.

Don't rush to save lives