Reformist Judaism is religious leftism. Reformism follows the basic precept of leftism: that everything can be comprehended and changed at will. Communists changed societies, Reformists wish to change religion. Societies are complex, religion is subtle, but otherwise the approach of the communists and the reformists is similar: destroy a finely tuned system—societal or religious—and build a new one from scratch. Both communists and reformists have little idea of what their dream society or religion would look like, nor do they have clear rules. They build their dream houses through arbitrary, ad hoc moves. No wonder that both movements failed. The Communists created totalitarianism, the opposite of their dream, and the reformists arrived at atheism. Humans who redesign societies always position themselves as supermen, the ruling caste, and oppress the others. Humans who redesign religion place themselves above God. If the reformists create their version of the divine law, why don’t the flock worship them? Judaism without kosher laws and Sabbath, with the heroic actions of Moses and the Maccabees declared ancient barbarism—how different is that from a schoolbook on ethics?

Just like their communist cousins, reformist “rabbis” resort to lies and hatred. They massively misinform the flock about Orthodox and haredi practices, ridicule observances they have neither the brains to understand nor the guts to follow, and arouse resentment and hatred toward religious Jews.

The reformist experiment failed. Rav Kahane noted that Christian churches retained more of Judaism than did the reformist temples. Jewish children who pass through reformist Hebrew schools in America despise their Jewish background. Children feel the hollow hypocrisy of reformism. The reformist schools viciously destroy the inborn sense of Jewishness and replace it with empty pronouncements. The degree of assimilation among the graduates of reformist Hebrew schools testifies to their failure.

In the meantime, reformism seems to have started re-acquiring Jewish observances. With the pass of assimilation wide open for them, many Jews exhibit curiosity about their roots and demand something more substantial than secular reformist religion. Eager to fill the consumer demand, many reformist temples now supply a more observant version of Judaism.

Orthodox rabbis need to actively reach out to the Jews who have been misled by these blind reformist guides. Coupled with an active political program of militant Zionism, that outreach could save many Jews from assimilation.

Don't buy Reformism