Demolishing the Dome of the Rock is a commandment, and a major one. Jews are not commanded to expurgate other religions from the face of the Earth, but merely on the tiny plot God gave us.

Extremism isn’t bad. It gives you a goal, which you might reach—or not. The further is the goal, the clearer is the direction. This is like in geometry: if you mark a dot very close to another, you can err in drawing the line. But placing the dot far enough away assures that the line is drawn correctly. Similarly, a goal must be far-reaching, even idealistic. We might never reach it, but that is the direction in which to go. If we only demolish Haram ash-Sharif without fully eradicating Islam in Israel, that’s good enough for now.
Tolerance is good, but not to the extent of conformism. Muslims and Christians are not conformist about their core values. The Diaspora Jews, afraid to lose their safe status among the Gentiles, are conformist—and betray their values.

Atheist socialists are ardent believers in some very irrational things: the common sense of a mob (democracy), the equality of very different people, and planning dynamic societies. Atheists can explain complex biological processes no better than religious people explain creation. Social ideologies and nation-states have surpassed Christianity and the Church. People cannot live in isolation; they want communal attachment. In the absence of communities of like-minded people, they introduce commonality through mega-religions or mega-ideologies. Judea will be no less rational than any secular state structured around social or nationalist ideology.

Israel must destroy the Dome of the Rock