Praying at the Western Wall is a special moment for Jews, particularly on the 9th of Av. Today, we fast and commemorate the destroyed Temple.

That solemn mood meets cheering and screaming crowds of tourists near the Wall. They pose against the background of the remains of our Holy Temple and laugh and take pictures.

The inside of the Vatican is off-limits to tourists, and non-Muslims are banned from Mecca and even from the famous mosques. Jesus warned against casting pearls before swine (the Talmud, more politely, speaks of onion sellers in a similar proverb), but Israel’s rulers, eager to expunge Jewish religion from society, show the most sacred remains off. Jerusalem, like a prostitute, opens herself for everyone to see, and foreigners flock to look at her nakedness.

The Dome of the Rock hangs above the Wall, a constant humiliating reminder of the Muslim triumph over Judaism, and also of the moral bankruptcy of the Jewish state. No other country would tolerate monuments to foreign occupation at her sacred places. Christians converted Spanish mosques into churches. Muslims raze and burn synagogues even in our days. The Israeli government preserves the Dome not to avoid offending Muslims but to humiliate religious Jews, the real enemy of the secular Jewish state bereft of Judaism.