Denmark is a special country for me. It is the only country that rescued its Jews during the Holocaust. Unlike in Bulgaria, Danish rescue efforts came from the people, not from a few intellectuals in power.

I rarely read newspapers and don’t enjoy comics or caricatures. I don’t see, however, anything particular obscene about the Danish caricatures of the prophet. Sure, far harsher things are drawn about Jesus.

I would, however, support the Danes even if they showed Mohammed obscenely. I just owe them that much. Kissinger writes that de Gaulle refused even to look at American photos of the Soviet missile installations in Cuba and supported the United States in the missile crisis out of gratitude for their help in WWII. I think along the same lines.

I know it’s only a legend that Danes went out in the streets wearing yellow badges. But I like that legend. We all love some legends.

Now, when the Muslims find a Danish outlet for their xenophobia, we should all wear badges and post the cartoons on every site.