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Dangerous peace

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On January 18, 2007 @ 12:02 am In peace process | No Comments

Rice declared the US “absolutely committed” to Israeli-Palestinian peace [1]. That is dangerous. America will continue pushing Israel to another suicidal treaty. Moral idealist Carter started the process of shrinking Israel into a ghetto, and Bush-Rice seek to finish her off.

There could be no Israel-Palestinian peace. Regardless of treaties between Israel and the Palestinian entity, discontent Palestinians will continue to fight. No treaty would preclude continuous sabotage and suicide bombings. Whatever the treaty says, Palestinians know that the Jews took the land of their ancestors – and won’t accept that. Peace is not established on paper, but on battlefields. Peace between indigenous people and invaders is attained by dispersion of aborigines, not by their goodwill.

There could be no Israeli-Palestinian peace because the Palestinians of Gaza, Judea, and Samaria are not representative of the Palestinian people. Once the antiquated Jordanian monarchy fails and the Palestinian majority comes to power, Jordan would stand for the Western Bank Palestinians’ right to all the land of their ancestors.

There could be no peace between Israel and Palestine because there is no war between us. Palestine is a proxy for Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and possibly Libya. Israeli-Palestine affair is not a war, but one of the battlegrounds where the colonizing West meets the death agony of economically inefficient Islam. Treaty with Palestine might offer Israel a respite, but nothing more.

Israel has a better hope for peace if she blends into the Muslim cognitive model, rather than posing as a foreign – Western – body. Muslims won’t find Jewish religious state as offensive as the secular pro-Western Israel. But the current Israel would not have peace with Muslims.

What does any normal nation do when expecting an imminent war? It expands. Territory provides both the depth of defense (Sinai saved Israel in 1973) and bargaining chips. Endangered states accumulate military and economic advantages; Israel, under the US pressure, gave away Sinai with its oilfields. States build up their people’ morale; Israel destroys it with endless concessions. If Sinai – the place the Law was given – is unimportant, if Judea is negotiable [2], if Jewish oases in Gaza could be demolished – why the fuss about the Jewish state? If Jewish values are not in Judea, where are they?

Hostile states are suppressed, but Egyptian military flourishes with $1.3bn annual aid from America. Treaties are enforced, but Israel accepts massive anti-Israeli propaganda by Egyptian media. Enemies are denied modern weapons, but Egypt equips itself with F-16 and other cutting-edge American military equipment. Egyptian nuclear program [3] commenced, shielded by the US security guarantees. Israel is Egypt’s only capable enemy; the immense Egyptian military build-up is needless against any other country. Muslim Brotherhood is deeply embedded in the Egyptian politics and posed to takeover the state in democratic elections after Mubarak’s demise. Israel -ostrich with the head buried in the sands of Herzlia and Caesaria – abides by the peace treaty.

Moderate Fatah formally renounced the “road map’s” major point of a provisional Palestinian state. Thank you, Abbas, we the Jews also detest the road map capitulation.

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