Arabs, unlike Jews, are not burdened with political correctness. Nor were the Jews burdened with it decades ago. Arabs rejected the 1947 partition, and Ben Gurion accepted it not for the reason of justice but because that was the best deal he could realistically get at the time. The PLO declared a small Palestine to be a springboard for the big one, and the founders of modern Israel thought in similar terms. The springboard concept, famous from the PLO charter, appeared originally in the Basic Law of Israel. The Mandate is no more, so why accept the British decision that took 3/4 of our land for Transjordan? The fleeting circumstances which led Ben Gurion to accept the partition in 1947 are gone, so why accept the partition any longer?

Arabs don’t change; Jews do. Israeli leftists of the 1940s-60s were not peaceniks, but tough kibbutzniks with no regard for Arab life or limb. They shot Arab civilians in places such as Kfar Kasem and pardoned the perpetrators, banned Arab parties, exiled and imprisoned Arab leaders, confiscated Arab and Muslim religious properties, and did not hesitate to retaliate in full force when attacked. In the 1970s, the Israeli Left drifted toward libertarianism, both to distinguish itself from the rising Right, and to conform to the tastes of their foreign associates. At the same time, the Arabs increased their nationalist zeal and exploited Israeli political relaxation. Jews retracted, Arabs advanced. That said, the Left was always schizophrenic, killing and expelling Arabs with one hand, and financing their welfare and infrastructure services with the other hand. Liberal nationalists would have privatized infrastructure in Arab villages, let the Arabs ruin it, and then offered them tax deductions rather than subsidies. Since Arabs don’t pay taxes, tax deductions would not benefit them. Bereft of subsidies and municipal (Jewish-funded) projects, and refused employment in Jewish companies, Arabs would find Israel too expensive, sell their possessions, and emigrate. Jews wrongly create opportunities for Arab males to work; if job opportunities are to made available at all, they should be offered predominantly to Arab women, thus forcing Arab families to decrease their birth rates.

The Left introduced—at Jewish expense—some truly devastating policies, such as universal education among Arabs, which produced scores of semi-educated activists. Nationalism is an abstraction only inculcated through large-scale indoctrination. Palestinian Arabs were still not nationalists in the early 1960s, but Jewish schools educated them in nationalism, liberation, and national struggle—using Jewish examples. The insane Israeli government introduced the very same education in the occupied West Bank, and raised two generations of ideological Arab zealots.