The Ninth of Av mourning is an apotheosis of Jewish hypocrisy. Jews, victorious in six wars against the Arabs, keep praying at the Wailing Wall. Actually, they do not. It is the Arabs who pray nearby, while the victorious Jews wail at the wall. Jews even welcome tourists to see how assiduously they wail. Tourists are banned from Mecca and from the inside of the Vatican, and they are severely restricted from Al Aqsa, but the Jews bring busloads of tourists to watch them wail.

The Western Wall is a Jewish hall of shame. The shame is that for the last forty years we have failed to tear down that wall. Jerusalem is ours. The Temple Mount is ours. Jews don’t have to wail at the remains anymore. Forty years is time enough to build the real thing, the Temple.

We have won. Get used to it. Israeli victories might not usher in the messianic era, but so long as Jews possess Jerusalem, we should rejoice rather than weep.

The Jews keep praying, “Next year, in Jerusalem!” instead of taking the next flight to Israel. We’re the happiest Jews to have lived for the last two thousand years because we securely possess our country, but blind Jewish leaders want to share it with our Arab enemies. We conquered the Temple Mount, a place of immeasurable sanctity and immeasurable national importance, and still we wail at the remnants below.

The Israeli government bans Jews from praying at the Temple Mount lest the Arabs be offended. The government misses that we have already offended the Arabs by establishing a Jewish state in their midst and by winning every one of the wars they started. The Arabs fought us over statehood and over our borders; okay, let them fight us over the Temple Mount. In fact, they won’t. Muslims worldwide did not riot when the Jews took over Jerusalem. The Muslims expected the victorious Jews to assert their religious and nationalist jurisdiction over the most important place in the world, and shook their heads in disbelief when Moshe Dayan returned to them the Temple Mount.

Assimilated Israeli leaders resent having to pose as barbaric religious Jews before their Gentile friends. The Third Temple would embarrass the likes of Olmert; it’s hard to talk peace and modernity in Washington while back in your capital a high priest in a golden breastplate burns sheep in a sin offering.

Rabbinical leaders don’t want the Temple either. For all the superficial rites they observe, they are atheists. They pushed God from real life into a transcendent realm. Their God is concerned with driving on Sabbath rather than the Temple or the Land of Israel. The rabbis fear government, not God, and concur with the political establishment about Arab control of the Temple Mount, disengagement from Judea, and the Arab presence in Israel. The rabbis ban Jews from the Temple Mount for fear of desecrating the remains of the Holy of Holies while the Arabs build lavatories there. Just like Pompeius, the high priest of the Third Temple will see the Holy of Holies as an empty room.

If you don’t rebuild the Temple when every possibility to do so exists, stop hypocritically mourning its destruction.