Freezing funds to the Palestinian government to suffocate Hamas is a cowardly tactic. Israel’s real enemies today are Syria and Iran, who operate Hamas as a proxy. Jews act like a dog that bites the cane rather than the man who wields it.

Palestinians have free will and must be held responsible for their actions. Punishing them is a proper tactic—but punishing for revenge rather than in an attempt to reform them. Israel’s mild punishment fails to punish, especially as alternative donors line up and the damage from Israeli strikes is quickly rebuilt.

Aiding the Palestinians with jobs in Israel or tax transfers while their government sets preconditions on peace talks with Israel or refuses to recognize her as a Jewish state is absurd and must be stopped, but we should not imagine that stopping those things would end terrorism.

The Palestinians cannot stop their actions against Israel as long as they are given money, weapons, and support from Syria and Iran. When fellaheen terrorists attacked Israel from Gaza on Egypt’s urging, Israel was sensible enough to retaliate against Egypt. Today, Israeli retaliation against Palestinians only encourages Syria to offer them more support: the Palestinians are angry and the Syrians are safe.

In order to stop the rocket attacks, Israel must bomb Damascus rather than Gaza.