When I insist on moral equivalence of Arab terrorism and Jewish warfare, the usual retort is deliberate killing of Jewish children by Arabs. Jews, supposedly, avoid targeting Arab children – though accept a so large number of Arab civilian casualties during military operations that the distinction is irrelevant. Jews killed many more Arab children than Palestinian terrorists – Jewish children. Arabs, too, generally target military- or voting-age population. The notorious disco bombings were directed against IDF recruits. Some Arab terrorists, by far a minority, deliberately killed Jewish children, not as a matter of collateral damage as other Arab terrorists and Jews during bombing campaigns. But nations from Ukrainians to the most civilized Germans – perfectly average Germans – did the same, yet the Jews ingratiate themselves with those murderers – while snobbishly rejecting the Arabs only because the Jews could so far afford to reject and detest the Arabs.

Arabs act normally – with the normal brutality of oppressed against their oppressors, of owners against thieves, of colonial populations against colonizers, of people certain of their values against those who infringe on the dearest values. Palestinians fight like any decent nation should: a brutal, total war where every member of the enemy force is an enemy. Palestinians fight like any decent army does: with the aim of inflicting the most pain on the enemy – on their Jewish enemy; what Jew ever cared of the American fire-bombings of Tokyo? of Palestinian children herded into the Gaza concentration camps to live in the conditions unworthy even of animals?

Labeling enemies is counterproductive. Morally wrong enemies could be corrected, taught, set up on the right path. Our Arab enemies are not wrong, much worse: they are irreconcilable. They want the same land we do, and fight for it with the same methods we employ. Syria is a terrorist state because it supports Hamas? Israel supported the very same Hamas against Arafat. Syrians are terrorists because they aid Hezbollah? Israel has aided much more barbarous South Lebanon Army. A few Palestinians shot Jewish babies and children point blank? Venerable Ben Gurion reduced prison sentences for Jewish perpetrators of Kfar Qasem murder to no more than 3.5 years: Israeli courts, General Staff, and President understood that Arab children 8 years up where murdered to force the Arabs to flee a strategically important region. Like it or not, ends justify the means.

Atheist Jews forget our prime example of dealing with sworn enemies: “Smite Amalek… slay both man and woman, infant and suckling…” Arabs act normally. It’s time for Jews to follow their example.