I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, but something is wrong with Israeli and Russian relations with America.

Israeli rulers toe the American line to an incredible extent. In the past, Israel depended first on the Soviet Union, and then France, to a much greater extent than we currently depend on the US; but we never submitted to their every trivial whim. Watching the Israeli government sabotage the peace process, dragging the negotiations out just when everything seems to be agreed upon, the only possible conclusion is that it is under overwhelming pressure. It must have taken immense pressure to break venerable Yitzhak Shamir, the former leader of the LEHI terrorist group, into acquiescing to the peace process. Forcing Menahem Begin, the former leader of the ETZEL terrorist group, into the Camp David giveaway of Sinai, also could not have been easy. But at least in Begin’s case there were arguments both pro and contra the deal, and Shamir’s concessions were minuscule and symbolic only. One can feel that the pressure on Olmert was of a different order, the sort of pressure that made Arik the Bulldozer abruptly change his life-long attitude and destroy Gush Katif rather than Gaza City.

Olmert started military incursions with American approval, and stopped them upon the Americans’ command. He ordered the cease-fire with Hamas to allow Rice an opportunity for a calm meeting with Jordan’s Abdullah, and resumed peace talks under fire as Rice requested.

It’s the same with Russia. Putin, ostensibly an ultra-nationalist and anti-American politician, honored the 1993 US-Russian agreement on dismantling Russian nukes and began shipping uranium and plutonium to the United States at throwaway prices. The deal is a hyper-sensitive issue in Russia, as the “nuclear shield” that nation prided itself in is sold to the historical enemy. Not that Putin really cares about an obscure decade-old agreement: he imposed a moratorium on the CFE treaty, creating a furor in the West without actually affecting American interests.

The US Administration played along with Putin on the ABM treaty when Bush insisted on installing a micro-ABM (anti-ballistic missile) system in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Such a system is worthless and can only serve a political purpose: bolstering Putin’s domestic popularity, allowing him a relevant anti-American issue to rant about.

The US Administration reacted quite mildly to the Russian war in Chechnya, which was essentially a series of massacres. When Putin’s FSB/KGB blew up apartment buildings to blame it on the Chechens and launch a war, the US Administration kept silent, even though the incriminating evidence was overwhelming.

Shortly thereafter the World Trade Center was attacked in a rather surprising manner, and America invaded Iraq. Oil prices predictably skyrocketed, and so did the oil corporations’ profits.

United States' conspiracy with Russia and Israel to boost oil prices