Americans are reasonable. They will rise against affirmative action and takeover of their cities by aliens. Jews from the ACLU and other leftist organizations will be considered a proxy for other Jews, just like the deeds of Jewish communists were blamed on all Jews. The Left will also blame the Jews for the ostensible misdeeds of Israelis toward Arabs. Anti-Semitism will rise.

The Jewish lobby, which is powerless—there were no death-camp bombings in WWII, and in 1948 there was an arms embargo—but visible, aggravates anti-Jewish sentiment. Self-righteous leaders suppress moral Jews, and contribute to the immorality of the Jewish establishment. Gentiles take out on common Jews the hatred they have accumulated for the Jewish establishment.

Jews constituted most of the Polish tax farmers; and then came the Khmelnitsky massacres. A large part of Russian revolutionaries; and there were the 1903-1921 pogroms. Of German social movements; and the persecution temporarily culminated in the Holocaust. Jews have a life-critical interest in getting rid of dishonest and radical elements, especially since they are gentilized, anyway. Excommunicate them for endangering the community.

Jews need liberalism, not leftism. Leftists are more self-righteous than even average Jews, and suppress dissent and social evolution.

Liberalism, like any theory, turns into its opposite when taken to the extreme. Freedom of speech shouldn’t extend to freedom to expressing ideas which close the freedom of speech. Radical Islam and moral deviations must be denied their expression.

Jewish barons, the immoral self-appointed Jewish leaders, confirm the moral degradation of Jews in Gentile eyes.

Jewish leaders are divorced from their nation, just like the infamous Jewish bankers whom Herzl, in his diaries, unceasingly accused of opposing Jewish settlement in Jerusalem. The bankers associated in daily work with Gentiles and did not want to offend their anti-Semitic Christian sensibilities. Jewish leaders see only competition and reproach in other Jews, and lean on their colleagues in bureaucratic guilds, the Gentile leaders. They strive to please their Gentile friends—especially to the detriment of common Jews whom the Jewish leaders don’t understand and tacitly dislike.

The Right, the true liberals, are not certain if they are correct, and do not press their demands. The Left, narrow-minded, are certain of their truth, and push their demands at any cost to society. The Left thus ascend to power, while the right can only sporadically be elected to mitigate the damage society has suffered from Leftist activism. In strong but theoretically liberal states, the left have taken charge of welfare distribution and bribed the voters. Leftists are active while conservatives are passive, defending the old values. Conservatives are being pushed out.