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Commies are Jewish

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On December 21, 2007 @ 12:24 am In leftism | 17 Comments

Anti-Semites note correctly the tremendous influence Jews [1] exerted on many negative political developments. Top Bolsheviks, as well as other socialist factions in Russia, were disproportionally Jewish. The schizophrenic mixture of Jewish idealism, messianism, and contempt for Gentiles created an explosive Bolshevik substance. It is fun to shape societies. Planning a utopian society makes an atheist close to God. Assimilated, atheist Jews were truly rootless, as the derogatory Russian term had it. Rootless people are unburdened by traditions, historical experience, and morality. The ex-Jews ruthlessly enjoyed reshaping Russia.

Some of those rootless socialists spilled onto the land of Israel. Russian Jews dominated among them. But the cancer of socialism, which kills Europe now like it killed Rome before, infected Jews before others. A lot of the first aliyah Jews from Western Europe had socialist leanings. Jews coming to Palestine sought to establish a new society. When Europeans colonized America, some idealists sought a new world order on the tabula rasa, but the majority wanted just a patch of land to develop. America, therefore, evolved into a capitalist society. Jewish society in Israel longed for a utopian community, and developed it in strides.
Jews were utopian to varying degrees. Some practiced the extreme form of communism, including free sex and the socializing of children at the collective farms. Some looked forward to heavily unionized socialism that retained a private sphere. A few others wanted a heavily regulated capitalist society. While religious Jews isolated themselves in antiquated communities, the Jewish majority renounced their roots and went on designing a perfect state.

That was the major reason for the first aliyah—building a perfect state. Jews could as well have settled Uganda or Arizona, but nostalgic feelings directed them to the land of Israel. They didn’t care about the Promised Land, or they would have never agreed to the British carving Transjordan or Lebanon out of the Jewish land. They didn’t care about the religious issues, or they would have settled Hebron and Schem rather than Tel Aviv. The Jews were fed up with the ugliness of decaying anti-Semitic Europe and came to Israel to realize the socialist nightmare: a perfect society.

The actions of Zionist leadership are only explicable in this context. In 1947, they accepted a partition which left Israel with a [2] fast-breeding [2] 40 percent Arab population [2]. They gave up a major part of Israel, and almost the entire Promised Land. They instituted the most un-Jewish socialist economy. The only consistent line of their actions was designing a new society. They played God, overruling him in the process.

The new society could adopt an existing language: Americans took English, and the Jews imagined that the German language would be official (as did the Americans at one point). Soon the Jews got a better idea: garbling the beautiful Hebrew language into Israeli slang. In the typically sophist approach socialists are so fond of, the Jews took an old and respected thing, changed its meaning, and arrived at an absurdity. They filled the Hebrew language mostly with Russian borrowings, unaware of the fact that the Russian language had itself assimilated a lot of Hebrew concepts and structures. The Israeli language provided both the respect due to Hebrew antiquity and the opportunity to design a new language.

Israeli music was the Soviet music of the 1930s. The rich traditions of various Jewish communities were excised from the new Israeli [3] society.
Israel developed new morals. It rejected Jewish values and morality, and designed new ones: sabra (Israeli redneck) and Israeli (Arab-Jewish, wolf-sheep) nationality, and traditionalism (the Torah as antiquated saga; show some respect to it). Jewish values suddenly switched from Judaism to being nice and ethical (as if Gentiles are not).

The abrogation of Jewish values was accompanied by the instillation of the kibbutz values of hard work, common property, and complete obedience to authorities. It is easy to destroy morality, but impossible to create a new one. Jews rejected the kibbutz values, and the resultant vacuum was quickly filled by everything from pop-culture to jingoism.

Jewish socialists, like their Russian counterparts, attacked the soft underbelly of morality: sexual relations. The Israeli culture of sexual permissiveness caused Jewish girls to be stereotyped around the world as being of easy virtue. The Israeli army promotes easy relations between the sexes, and military insurance covers up to three abortions for nineteen-year-old girls.

Socialist societies are always militaristic. They need external enemies to account for their own failures and divert citizens’ attention from them. Socialism, like any rationalism, is always expansive: it seeks to enforce the good upon others. Socialists have to control the media in order to excise common sense from public discourse, and the unchecked government-controlled media inflamed militant nationalism to a previously unseen level. Israeli leftists, accordingly, murderously hated the Arabs. They killed the Arabs in scores, evicted them in the hundreds of thousands, and even now oppress the others wherever they can, given the requirements of always superficial political correctness.

Israeli education emphasizes a deep split between Israelis and “old” Jews; the latter perished in the Holocaust, but the former trample upon Arab armies. Jewish heroes are no longer the sages, but the well-armed ignoramuses who man the socialist juggernaut.
Socialists have always despised an educated person, for he doesn’t buy their nonsense. They prefer dealing with the ignorant masses. It is therefore important to keep the masses ignorant. Education introduces differentiation; a mass becomes a lively assembly of opinionated individuals. Socialism doesn’t want such challenge to its authority. Technical education is fine, but no general education. Jewish socialists copied the Stalinist policies of extremely low-quality undergraduate education. Education is semi-officially despised. The prototypical Israeli was a not-too-smart, semi-educated tough kibbutznik with a machine gun; that changed slowly under the influence of the get-rich culture. Israeli school education long ago hit the bottom. The State of Israel uprooted twenty-three centuries of exemplary Jewish education. One can be skeptical about international test results in which Israeli students consistently score among the last, noting that the score is weighted down by very low capabilities of Israeli Arab students. Still, Israeli Jews score in the second dozen while in other countries Jews come out on top of the test results. There is no solution to the Israeli school system’s mass production of ignorance. Our school teachers are incredibly bad, the entire generation of them. They cannot be improved. Israel needs a lustration of teachers. Try bringing the best foreign teachers from low-wage countries such as India, though it is hard to find a civilized country with wages lower than in Israel.

Socialism destroyed the economy of the Jewish state. Masses of spongers, from Arabs to elderly Russians who have never worked in Israel, made a new yoke for taxpayers who rejected the heavenly yoke. No democratically elected government can afford to alienate those voting parasites.

The post-socialist political correctness has made a sham of Israeli security, with our eight-mile-wide borders and a 1.5 million-strong fifth column of Arabs living here. The peace process, [4] which gives Judea to the Arabs, formally ends the Jewish State project.

Israel is not the first attempt to re-create the Jewish state. We must ensure that it won’t be the last. We must save Jewish children from Israeli socialism.

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