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Colonizing East Jerusalem

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On April 6, 2006 @ 8:57 am In Judea | 1 Comment

The very low voter turnout in the latest Israeli elections demonstrated growing dissatisfaction with the government but also that Israelis have no clear understanding of their aims. No policy seem plausible to the people, and indeed there is no policy. Everyone understands that walling off the Arabs will not bring peace.

Society needs a beacon. Many Israelis detested Gush Emunim, but the block steered public opinion toward holding the territories.

For some time I advocated colonizing Gaza by expanding Jewish presence there as resident aliens. In view of the growing opinion of the lemmings to give East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, I now believe colonizing East Jerusalem is both more important and easier than Gaza.

Kadima’s ostensible reason for relinquishing East Jerusalem to the Arabs is to keep the Jewish part of the city monocultural. That is ludicrous. A monocultural Jerusalem could be better achieved by sending the Palestinians back to their villages. And why a monocultural Jerusalem, anyway, in a democratic non-racist (as they want it) Israel?

Colonizing East Jerusalem would be easy and could be achieved along the lines of the Hebron settlements: small groups settle legally and then expand through . . . let’s call it intolerance. Israeli police avoid entering Arab enclaves, and the settlers would be relatively free, albeit at mild risk from Arabs.

The settlers [1] could occupy empty houses in East Jerusalem or buy the building permits allocated to Arabs. The settlers would have to take control of the main income sources for local Arabs, such as the produce market.

Note that buying out Arab property in East Jerusalem is not an option; the value is beyond the reach of the Jewish right.

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