The Arabs believe we took their land. No amount of propaganda will change the fact that their dunes have become our gardens. “Their” is more important than “dunes.” On the contrary, Israeli education, which is available to Arabs, emphasizes the nobility of nationalism, perseverance, and national liberation struggle on the Jewish example; Arabs readily apply the example to themselves. There is not a single example in history where conquerors (and as far as the Arabs are concerned, Jews took over their land) lived peacefully with the conquered. The victims were always eliminated to insignificance. Otherwise, acting in a very human manner, the victims revolt. They don’t believe in the conqueror’s benevolence, but read it as moral or physical weakness, and see it as an opportunity to prevail.

Peace negotiations lead to peace only when the argument is not essential for the warring parties; both France and Germany would love to annex Alsace-Lorraine, but both can also live without it. When the argument is over essential territory, the soul of the nation, it is not subject to negotiation. The only way to live in peace is to eliminate the threat. This truth is simple, but not nice, and so many imagine that somehow history has stopped in our time, and all which was true before is false now, and wolves lie with lambs, and nations negotiate the core issues. That mindset is apocalyptic; our days are hardly the last days, and the human mentality does not change. If anything, the wars become bloodier.

Media coverage shows us the enemy faces, and we see the enemy as individuals rather than a mass. Individuals arouse compassion, while masses arouse fear. Seeing your enemy, unwarlike as he is on TV, makes you unwilling to fight him. Imagine Allied media reporting live from fire-bombed Tokyo and Dresden, showing burned children. That would naturally have had an impact on the American public. The extensive media coverage of Arabs similarly turned them from enemies into “people like us.” Few understand that enemies are indeed like us, and their goals are like ours—and that is exactly the reason we fight, because both of us critically want the same tiny piece of land. Each of us wants to be a master of his life rather than depending on the possibly benevolent rule of aliens.

Assimilated Jews know a single line from the Torah: “You shall love the alien.” Many even imagine it runs as in Christianity, “Love your enemy.” But there is Exodus 23:31: “And I will give the inhabitants of the land into your hands, and you shall expel them.” The aliens whom we are to love are those who have accepted basic tenets of Judaism. They are either full converts or God-fearers, but in any case we are mandated to love them because they are loyal and strive to be good citizens of the Jewish state. Nothing can be farther from the Israeli Arabs who identify with Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians—not with Jews or Israelis.

The Torah is practical. We cannot come to an agreement with sworn enemies, or live peacefully with those who consider themselves the rightful inhabitants (and therefore sovereigns) of the land. There is no peace process, but there is a process that brings peace: namely, cleansing the land of our enemies.

ethnic cleansing instead of the peace process