Three decades of negotiations is no way to make peace. Peace is achieved through victorious devastation.

The Ancient Greeks did not try to show the Persians who was more civilized, liberal, and tolerant. The Greeks were not afraid to sink to the level of their despised enemies. War is no time for poetry or taking moral high ground. Hungry mobs sack the food stores: when survival is at stake, ethics become unimportant. Survivors might hope to rectify the wrongs and revert to morality; but dead men and dead nations bear no morality.

Ethics are a set of restrictions on natural behavior for peaceful, comfortable coexistence, and they are inapplicable in wartime. Ethics apply to neighbors—those with whom one could peacefully coexist. Ethics were never intended and have rarely been practiced for enemies.

The Torah prohibits murder, not killing. Jews should kill enemies and heinous criminals. The Torah does not hesitate to prescribe the extermination of whole nations when that is the only choice. Modern Israeli politicians imagine that the Palestinians would forget the humiliation of losing their land, children, and brethren. The American settlers crushed the indigenous Indians into oblivion. Not so with blacks, who now claim privileges and build up black nationalism. South Africans had to repress the blacks to build a beautiful and safe country, but did not annihilate them; the blacks, of course, fought the injustice, won, and destroyed the country. Sensitive Jews might not like the annihilation of indigenous Arabs—but no other option exists to build a lasting state of Israel. Any other approach pointlessly prolongs the suffering on both sides. One good thing is that now—unlike in the times of Joshua—a nation can be finished off by assimilation. There is no need to kill the Palestinians; dispersing them into neighboring Arab countries would work just as well.